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旅のおもひで 結庵musubi-an嵐山 結庵musubi-an祇園鴨川


Praying to God dead or alive. 
~About the numbers of 235 people have jumped off the stage of Kiyomizu~



The expression, “jumping off the stage of Kiyomizu” is equivalent for the English
expression, “taking the plunge.” Because of this phrase, Kiyomizu temple is perhaps
the most popular temple in Kyoto.
We use this expression when we decide to do something bold or try something great, calling upon our best courage.
Kiyomizu temple has a famous stage built by wood on cliff. Believed that people are saved and rewarded if you jump off the cliff with wish and pray, so people could not stop doing it.



There is a record how many people has jumped off at Otowayama Kiyomizu Joju-in.
From 1694(Edo period) to 1864(Meiji period,)
  235 of cases are found (attempts
inclueded.) People in the temple asked officer to make fence or tell them not to do it.
Then,fence was built and ban was imposed since Meiji period.

The stage is twelve meters height which is approximately same as a modern building of 4
th.  To be surprised, 85% of people who jumped off were survived. A half of them are teens and 20s, totally from the age of 12 to 80. Then, 70% of them were actually women, I wonder. I guess that the act of making a wish was more popular than a man does.





The photo of stage of Kiyomizu are mainly taken from a side. I found a view spot from which the stage is seen. Surrounded greens and gazing at the stage, you might think of the days and stories long past.

Anyways, please don`t jump off the stage even if you have a wish strongly!!!kkk
You can do anything if you want to do it from bottom of the heart.




You can find cute objects





Make a wish like they do. A waterfall, “Otowa-no-taki” you can take sacred water with wishes. The name of “Kiyomizu”(means sacred water in Japanese kanji) came from this water fall.


音羽山 清水寺
住所 京都市東山区清水 
アクセス 地下鉄清水五条駅から徒歩25分、市バス・京阪バス五条坂、清水道より徒歩10分、京都バス東山五条下車徒歩10分
ホームページ http://www.kiyomizudera.or.jp

Address: Kiyomizu Higashiyama-ku, Kyotocity 
Access: 25min. walk from Kiyomizu-Gojo station (subway)

             10min. walk from Gojo-zaka, Kiyomizu-michi (City Bus and Keihan Bus)
             10min. walk from Higashiyama-Gojo (Kyoto Bus)
HP: http://www.kiyomizudera.or.jp (English, Chinese and Korean available) 


文/ひらばやしひろみ 写真/太田恭史 英訳/林元洋
Author/Hiromi Hirabayashi, Photo/Takashi Ota
Translated by Motohiro Hayashi